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Portable Fire Extinguishers
Make sure you're prepared for those critical first two minutes of a fire.
Choose from a complete line of portable fire extinguishers to protect
your people and property.


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RED LINE® Cartridge-Operated Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL® RED LINE cartridge-operated extinguishers are
the premium firefighting units preferred by safety directors
in high fire-risk industries. Cartridge-operated means increased
reliability, on-the-spot recharge and ease of service.

Typical applications… fuel loading racks, heavy construction sites,
dip tanks, oil pumping stations, mining equipment, paint lockers,
trucks and buses, fuel storage rooms, production lines, and others.






RED LINE® Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL® RED LINE wheeled extinguishers are designed to protect
high fire-risk areas where the potential for large fires exists.
These heavy duty units have greater extinguishing agent capacities
than portable extinguishers, yet are highly mobile and can be fully
operated by just one person. Available with dry chemical, foam,
carbon dioxide, and special dry powders.

Typical applications… airports, loading docks, steel mills,
paint spray booths, offshore platforms, heavy manufacturing
areas and others.





SENTRY® Stored-Pressure Fire Extinguishers

When economy and performance are equally important, select
from the SENTRY line of stored pressure, hand portable fire
extinguishers. Designed for light to medium use, SENTRY
extinguishers are available with dry chemical, carbon dioxide, or water.

Typical applications… Auto repair shops, banks, electrical
equipment rooms, hotels, machining operations, material handling vehicles,
offices, schools, warehouses, and others.





CLEANGUARD® Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL® CLEANGUARD hand portable extinguishers contain
DuPont FE-36® where the agent must be clean, electrically
nonconductive, environment friendly, extremely low in toxicity,
and exceptionally effective.

Typical applications… computer centers, data/document storage areas,
communications facilities, control rooms, electronics manufacturing,
museums, art galleries, laboratories, and many others.

NEW CLEANGUARD Non-Magnetic Model now available for MRI rooms,
operating rooms and other similar applications.






K-GUARD® Kitchen-Class Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL® K-GUARD fire extinguishers contain ANSULEX® liquid fire
suppressant to quickly knock down the flames, form a vapor-securing
blanket, and cool the grease and surrounding surfaces. Listed by UL
and ULC for "K" class fires.

Typical applications… restaurants, convenience stores, food courts,
cafeterias, and many others.